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Could you forgive and love the man who murdered your mother?
Live To Forgive is a feature-length documentary epitomizing the grace of God, through the journey of Dean Eric Smith. After years of hiding his anger behind drugs and alcohol, Dean realizes forgiveness might be his only answer to freedom. God prompted him to contact and reunite with his step father Bob, the man who murdered his mother 22 years prior. The impact of Dean?s decision ignites varying emotions in family and friends as he descends upon his destiny to meet the man who changed his life forever. This true story is one of the most powerful, and inspirational films about forgiveness ever made. It will leave you gripping your seat as you follow this intense ride of radical love and compassion. Live To Forgive stands tall in the rare category of movies that have the unique ability to change your life.

Approx. Running Time: 82 Minutes. Bridgestone Multimedia Group Rock Rapids, IA 51246. All Rights Reserved.