Who We Are


Dean SmithFounder and C.F.O. (Chief Forgiveness Officer)

Dean Smith founded Live To Forgive Ministries in 2007. His mission is to spread the message of forgiveness based on the Word of God and his own personal testimony around the world. He preaches powerful messages about love, grace, and reconciliation. Thousands of people have been inspired to trust God with their unforgiveness and have been set free from its heavy burden based on his appearances in churches, television and on the radio.

Dean and his wife Molly, daughter Ava, and son Max, live in Enumclaw, Washington. 
When Dean was twelve his mother was murdered by his step dad, Bob. He became a Christian but knew that he was not receiving all that God wanted to bless him with because of the anger and resentment he harbored towards his step dad. He tried to escape with drugs and alcohol for many years until he discovered that there was no way around God for the relief he needed.

In 1999, Dean handed over his unforgiveness and resentment to God and his heart was transformed.  Surrendering his bitterness to God began the journey that ultimately lead him across the country to reconcile, bless, love, and help Bob. Minister Dean's anointed message has brought God's healing power to many people. He challenges Christians to stop overlooking the unforgiveness in their lives. His stories bring laughter and tears and encourage people to take the step of faith to release their bitterness and anger to God and trust his healing power. He explains how one step of forgiveness can lead to a lifetime of blessings.

Molly SmithPartner, Live To Forgive Ministries

Molly met Dean at Enumclaw High School when she was 15 years old.  At that time she told God she wanted to some how help Dean ? this boy she had a big crush on whose mom was murdered.  Little did she know she would end up marrying him and supporting him in sharing his life story all over the world!  She is currently the Office Manager for LTF.  She keeps things organized and does the accounting and other administrative duties. 

Molly and Dean have been married for 9 years and have 2 kids, Ava and Max. Molly also loves to paint and play the piano.  She had piano lessons at the ripe old age of 33 and now has a heart to play and worship the Lord.

She has a passion for people to be set free from the bondage of bitterness and unforgiveness through seeing what God did in Dean's life.  She loves supporting and hearing her husband speak at conferences and churches in the same way she loved hearing him speak to the entire high school 20 years ago. She is excited about the plan God has for their lives and the adventure ahead!

Jaclyn VanHoof, "JCrew"Executive Administrator, LTF 

Jaclyn joined the Live To Forgive family in May of 2011.  Her passion for planning, organizing and getting things done is a welcomed blessing and will be vital to the continued growth of all that is Live To Forgive. 

We sometimes refer to her as the drill sergeant because when she wants something done, you better get it done.  Also because one of the other loves of her life is teaching boot camp and weight lifting classes at the local gym. 

When she's not scheming up her next big event, or whipping people into shape, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, watching her kids at one of their many sporting events, running, traveling and consuming coffee.  One might say she has a slight addiction to the stuff.   Jaclyn's dream is to one day travel the world and see people everywhere walk in the total freedom of Christ.