A Movement


There is ultimate freedom through the love and forgiveness of Christ

Live To Forgive is more than a slogan, it is a powerful life-changing catalyst that brings the ultimate freedom into a person's life. 

At the center of it all lies an unequivocal goal: utilizing "crazy forgiveness" to grab the attention of the world, and help those in it to take a closer look at Jesus. All over the world there are people coming to the revelation that forgiveness is possible through Him, no matter their sin, guilt, or past. 

As Christians take on the Live To Forgive lifestyle, both Christians and non-Christians alike will see the changes in their life. The challenge of forgiving everyone for everything, no matter what, inspires both hope and curiosity to a world searching for answers.

Live To Forgive exists for that purpose: ultimate freedom through the love and forgiveness of Christ.

Our goal is to create an army of forgiveness warriors whom have both received God's forgiveness and forgiven others. The Live To Forgive movement stands on the premise that as God has forgiven us and extended His grace, we too must spread and inspire forgiveness in our own lives and our circle of influence.