New Hope


I am sure you get thousands of e-mails but I wanted to be one of the many that tells you thank you.  I was at your talk in Bothell, Washington.  It was a miracle in itself that I was there yesterday. You see, I am in the middle of a seperation with my husband, who when you had us close our eyes and think of who it was that we were so angry at came to my mind instantly.  He is a cop that has turned to alcohol and has a very bad temper and has resulted in name calling and sneaking alcohol.  I couldn't hack it any longer and now we are separated. I now believe after listening to you that I can learn to forgive and help him get to the help that he needs and that God will be faithful if I rely on Him more.  Thanks to what you do.  I really appreciate it and am sorry you had to endure losing your mom.   God Bless you and your family.