New Possibilities


I listened to you speak at Eastside Foursquare Church this past weekend. It was powerful. You are definitely right where the Lord has called you to be.  Thank you for your vulnerability and obedience to Christ. I know you will impact many lives for Jesus. I wanted to tell you that I prayed before you came to our church and asked the Lord who I should bring with me. He told me to invite a family member that had recently been blown apart by the husband's extra-marital affair. It had only come to light two weeks earlier. I thought, "Lord, it is too soon to ask the wife to come hear a sermon on forgiveness." But, I was obedient to his prompting. I invited the couple and they agreed to attend. Afterwards, they approached me at the front of the church for the prayer ministry time, both of them weeping. I thought to myself, "once again I have underestimated our God." I know it's only the beginning for a long road for this couple but I know God will use your testimony in powerful ways in their lives. Thank you. I will keep you and your ministry in my prayers. I have a similar story of forgiveness in my life. I know the impact it will have as well. Genesis 50:20 
Love in Christ,