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Could you forgive the man who murdered your Mom?

Live To Forgive is more than a slogan, it is a powerful life-changing catalyst that brings the ultimate freedom into a person’s life.

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A featured speaker at conferences and events, appeared regularly on both television and radio, and established himself as a speaker that people can trust. His stories connect. His lessons inspire. Best of all -- Dean's message sticks!

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After years of hiding his anger behind drugs and alcohol, Dean realizes forgiveness might be his only answer to freedom. Live to Forgive is a rare movie that will change your life...

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In this free video series, Dean covers the basic concepts to guide you through the process of forgiveness.  Includes 6 videos and downloads.

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Most people have at least one significant relationship that is negatively impacted by bitterness and resentment. Today is your day to make forgiveness a daily habit so you can experience new levels of freedom and success in all areas of life.


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