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6-Week Live Online Group Coaching Experience:

  • Receive everything included in the online course (details below), PLUS:
  • Dean Smith, one of the nation’s foremost experts on forgiveness will coach you through his proven forgiveness framework to help you implement what you learn so you can begin experiencing healing and breakthrough’s in your mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health. He’ll give you the coaching, encouragement, accountability, and structure you need to be able to forgive everyone (including yourself) for everything.
  • Six weekly live (120-min) group video-conference sessions. (Recordings of replays provided)
  • Each session consists of 45-60 minutes of teaching and 45-60 minutes of Q&A and specific coaching to various participants

Enroll now and receive:

Training:  The Six Core Modules (36 video lessons) will walk you from biblical foundations to practical application in your real life. Two Bonus Modules (9 video lessons) will inspire you to develop the mindset and daily habits required for lasting success. In addition, we’ll provide you with optional worksheets and “Action Challenges” to help deepen your transformational experience.

Structure:  Forgiveness is a process. The Freedom Through Forgiveness blueprint includes a step-by-step process to help you finally and truly forgive in a way that makes a real difference in your mind, emotions, and relationships.

Encouragement:  Our “Members-only” Facebook page is a place where you can share your journey, make prayer requests, and receive support from courageous people just like you.

Accountability:  Forgiveness is not easy. We’ve got your back! Whether from the “Members-only” Facebook page or the encouraging reminders and support you’ll receive via emails or monthly live Q&As with Dean Smith—we are here to help you apply what you learn. You’ll be equipped with the tools to overcome difficult offenses in the future and develop stronger and deeper relationships.


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