[Video] Biggest Forgiveness Mistakes and How to Avoid Them...

forgiveness live video Mar 17, 2018

Say what... Maximum Freedom? Yes, please!

In this Live video, I share with you the biggest forgiveness mistakes and how YOU can avoid them to have maximum freedom. Don't forget to download your free guide to help you break the cycle of death.


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The “Forgiveness Substitutes” Dilemma

coping forgiveness Feb 21, 2018

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Ok, let’s start with the bad—You CANNOT solve the problem of sin in your life. Bummer eh? Ok, now the good news—God already solved the problem of sin! WooHoo! Wait a minute, so how do we make that reality work positively in our lives?

Well, first understand that ‘Forgiveness is God’s solution to a problem He calls sin.’ That’s right, whether someone sinned against you or God or you sinned against God and someone else. Historically, we learn from the bible that God’s solution to the sin (all the past, current, and future sin) is forgiveness. Specifically, that’s why He sent His son Jesus as a sacrifice for YOUR and MY sins.

So, when sin enters your life you have two and only two very clear options: 1) You enter into a forgiveness God already made happen through Jesus on the Cross. This leads to healing, restoration of soul, mind, body, and relationships 2) You implement forgiveness...

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